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RushFiles develops and supplies secure cloud storage and filesharing solutions for organizations across industries over our secure Content Collaboration Platform (CCP).

RushFiles CCP is Partner and End-user centered. Our solutions are developed for resellers to expand their portfolio, take advantage of our competitive prices and improve their margins. Users can securely access and utilize their data with full mobility via any device, at any time and from any location. More so, organizations retain full visibility and granular administrator control over data access, usage and possession respectively, which are needed to secure sensitive data.

RushFiles solutions can be deployed as a SaaS or On-premise with key benefits that include:

  • Easy set-up and seamless integration
  • Robust features that include security, data protection, mobility, compliance etc.
  • Flexible sharing and collaboration with internal, external and remote users
  • Full-fledged Administrator controls
  • Full rebranding and reskinning
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