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Implement SaneBox into your workday, and never waste time on email again! SaneBox simplifies the email process by using powerful algorithms that learn a user’s email behavior to organize their inbox. Partners love working with us because our high margin (30-45%), low churn SAAS solution is a perfect add-on for Office 365 with a 43% trial conversion rate.

Keep your email organized with SaneBox today and sign up for a 14-day trial. After experiencing a clean inbox, it will be hard to imagine life without it!

What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is a suite of tools designed to make managing your emails quick and easy. Its powerful algorithms go beyond spam filtering to recognize and classify different email types, so you view the most critical messages first.

Ingram Micro has partnered with SaneBox to integrate this tool into its email service at a great price. You can keep using your favorite email client and activate SaneBox from the Connect Control Panel to start the magic.

7 Ways SaneBox Makes Email Management Easy

  • Stops spam in its tracks

    SaneBox uses AI filtering technology to move unimportant emails out of your inbox into a separate “Later” folder, allowing you to focus on what’s important. This feature enhances the spam and virus filtering built into the email platform.

  • Adapts and gets smarter every day

    SaneBox’s AI algorithm gets better and better over time based on how you interact with your email. Sanebox also sends a digest of filtered emails so you don’t miss anything.

  • Safer and easier 1-click unsubscribe

    Have you ever received an unsolicited email that made it almost impossible to unsubscribe from? We all have. That’s why SaneBox has a Black Hole folder; once you drop a newsletter there, you’ll never see it again.

  • Reply tracking

    Expecting a reply? SaneBox will track sent emails and remind you to follow up if someone does not respond in a timely manner.

  • Keep focus during crunch time

    Set SaneBox to ‘Do not disturb’, go into focus mode, and get things done. Any incoming email is held for you until you’re ready to look at it.

  • Snooze emails until a later time

    You know those emails you can’t act on immediately? Snooze them for later, and SaneBox will deliver the email at the time when you can actually work on them.

  • Set reminders to your future self

    Need to remember to buy milk or follow up on a long-term project? It’s super simple to set a reminder with SaneBox and get an email from the past as a chaser.

SaneBox also provides free Partner Training online. This sales preparation program teaches our reseller partners how to identify SaneBox sales opportunities, demo our suite of SaaS products, distinguish how SaneBox stands out amongst the competition, and much more.

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